Barcelona blossoms with plenty of little fashion shops created by young designers. It’s easy to discover a jewel in any quarter of the city, but we want to make your research even easier and we are showing you some of the most chic boutiques in Barcelona. Let’s go shopping!

Born District: Como agua de Mayo


This is a very special clothing store we are talking about. Here, every garment is really exclusive, mesmerizing and delicate. Just like its name Agua de Mayo which is refered to the rains in May, but also to something you wanted or desired. As soon as you come across their articles you’ll find out that the name fits perfectly this store, because you’ll have the urge of having everything, as if you had desired them all your life. If you want to keep updated with all their bargains and discounts, you can join them in Facebook.

Located in C/Argentería 43-45

M L1 Urquinaona

Gràcia District: Modart

Modart is an atelier owned by Carme Trías, a designer that makes a wide range of designs from wedding and party gowns to casual clothes for women. Her style is really something and in between her work you can find everything: from dresses just like the ones seen in films to clothes inspired by local artists. If you want something unique and a bohemian touch in your life, don’t hesitate, go to this shop.

Located in C/Astúries 34

Metro L3 Fontana

Gotic District: Guantería Alonso y La Manual Alpargatera

Guantería Alonso is a really special shop founded in 1905 and exclusively focused in selling gloves. The place keeps its original furniture inside and a modernist façade outside. The shop is even included in the mordenism route organized by Barcelona’s City Hall. Quite a must!

Located in C/Santa Anna 27

Metro L1 o L3 Catalunya


La Manual Alpargatera is the first workshop ever devoted to the creation of fashion alpargatas. The shop is settled in Barcelona since 1940 and is responsible of making the alpargata a modern shoe. In the old times the alpargata was the traditional peasant shoe, but this changed 20 years ago when “La Alpargatera” dared making the alpargata a fashionable shoe and transforming this light footwear into a classical souvenir of Barcelona. Those shoes are perfect for summer and can be worn both by men and women, so if you are planning a visit to sunny Spain in summer, this is the best footwear for it.

Located in C/Avinyó 7

Metro L3 Liceu

Eixample District: Misty Rose

Misty Rose is the shop everyone wants in their town; luxury pieces at a perfect price. They stand out for their classy and at the same time urban style. If you have a craving for retro garments and accessories and want to go shopping in a chill and cozy place, this clothes store suits you really well.

But if jumble sales are your thing, we can still propose you a few choices: Lost&Found Market and Flea Market. Both of them offer a huge range of second hand clothes and accessories. Perfect for vintage addicts! If you want to pay a visit to these wonderful markets, you gotta pay attention to their sites and feed to know when and where they are doing it.

Wanna go shopping while visiting Barcelona? Try out these local designers and their made in here fashion! You won’t get disappointed.