Today we’d like go for a walk around Twentytú and its outskirts, to show you Poblenou district and the famous 22@ district. Since a few years ago this area has suffered a wondrous transformation, not only due to its brand new buildings and avenues, but also because of several fresh and young companies who have settled there, always keeping the harmony between its industrial past and an innovative present. Let’s go rambling!

The transformation of Glorias neighbourhood began more than 20 years ago with a shopping mall that has become its central axis. Bit by bit new constructions were added, making the space one of Barcelona’s hallmark.

Agbar Tower

Created in 2005 by the international architect Jean Nouvel, Agbar tower is a good example to show the architectural mutation of the city.

We shall not discuss the tower look-a-like with its 140 meters cylindrical shape that have provoked laughter among tourists and neighbours.  But we cannot argue with the fact that Agbar Tower is now a main part of Barcelona’s skyline with a unique light and colour night show that astonishes everyone.

Nowadays the tower still hosts Barcelona’s Water Company, but soon it will become a luxury hotel. We hope by then we can still climb on to the 38th floor to enjoy the wonderful views of 22@ district from above.

Design Museum and Encantes Viejos


Although Agbar Tower is an impressive piece of a building, we should not forget about two new remarkable constructions in the area. We are talking about DHUB Design Museum, known as “The Stapler” and also about “Encantes Viejos” space, a huge stainless steel roof that also works as a mirror in the heights.

With these two new additions, and other several works to clear the square, a project is finished which allows to walk around and gives back to the citizens a place formerly occupied by cars.


El arte tiene un papel importante en este barrio. El nuevo Museo Can Framis de la Fundación Vila-Casas expone cerca de 300 obras de pintura contemporánea, situado en una antigua fábrica textil del Poblenou datada a finales del s. XVIII. El arte es pasado, presente y sobretodo futuro, sobre esta última etapa el barrio tiene el Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona, BAU que acerca todas las facetas del diseño a los futuros artistas.

También la Universidad Pompeu Fabra estableció su campus de comunicación en el 22@, cerrando así el círculo con el resto de equipamientos  dedicados al sector de las comunicaciones.

Technology, sustainability and creativity

But Poblenou district transformation goes way further than a couple of impressive buldings.  The main idea of this urban regeneration was to create the city most technological location, hosting companies related with ICT, design and innovation with structures as sustainable as possible. A great example of this is Twentytú, as you know, the most sustainable hostel in Barcelona and first in the world with a Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate.

This project makesit  easier for tech companies, institutions, pubic administrations, investigation centres and universities around to group together and share knowledge and activities, represented by 22Netwrok Association.  Under this concept, Poblenou Urban District association was created, focusing in the promotion of this area as Barcelona’s new Art and Creativity District.
Litte by Little, this dream is becoming a reality, always keeping its inner essence; the industrial core, full of structures and buildings restored for new purposes. If you are walking around the area, don’t hesitate: take a picture an share it on our social media Facebook and Twitter!