There are few pleasures in life like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon. Today on the blog we want to travel back and remember those perfect snacks when you were little. In this case, we make you a route through the best chocolate shops in Barcelona. Forget about the calories and get ready to enjoy!

La nena


Located in Gracia neighbourhood, it’s an ideal local to spend a winter afternoon playing a table game and drinking a cup of chocolate with “churros”. For those who count every calorie, there is the chocolate shot version, and the Swiz (chocolate with cream). We also recommend their homemade cakes. The dark chocolate one is irresistible!

Valor Chocolaterie

Next to the Barcelona cathedral there is a perfect place to try any of their cups of chocolate varieties. Also you can try their cakes, chocolates, coulants or chocolate shakes. An amazing place for chocolate lovers. And a wonderful place to regain strength if you are visiting the city.



One of the most famous locals in Barcelona is, without a doubt, the Escribá chocolate shop. It’s in the middle of “Rambla de Barcelona”, an old and charming building that invites you to go in at the moment you pass through. If the weather is good, you can sit in the terrace, have a big cup of chocolate and enjoy everything that happens around you.


If there is a street in Barcelona dedicated to chocolate this is Petritxol Street. Since immemorial times the city citizens have gone to the centre to have a snack at one of the chocolate shops located in this street. Today, one of the most renowned because of its quality and its products design is Xocoa.

Granja M. Viader

The history of this place is magical. Opened in 1870, it was where the most known Catalan chocolate milkshake was born: the Cacaolat. It is one of the oldest bars in the city and, apart from the chocolate, you can taste wonderful yogurts made from goat and sheep’s milk, delicious cheeses and fresh milk. And to accompany the fantastic chocolate, ask for one of their deserts. It’s scrumptious!

So if you’re tired and you want to rest a little bit while you walk around Barcelona, look for one of these chocolate shops. I’m sure you will have an amazing experience and you would remember better when you were young.