One of the pleasures of being a tourist in a city is walking around through the corners and discover little hidden treasures. Some of these treasures of big cities are the sculptures that decorate the streets. In this case we talk about Barcelona, where you can find the Botero Cat (Gato de Botero), the Head of Barcelona of Lichtenstein (Cabeza de Barcelona) or the Fish of Frank Gehry. ¡Let’s start the tour!

El Gato de Botero (The Cat of Botero)

If you want to take a picture of this enormous animal you should go to the Rambla de Raval. A curiosity of this sculpture is that its site has been seeking for years. The Cat has been in Ciutadella Park, Drassanes, and the Olimpic Stadium. Finally it was decided to place it in Rambla del Raval, where is known for its grandeur and fat. Fell free and take a picture with it!

El Mamut de 1907 (The Mamooth of 1907)


We don’t leave aside animals to talk you about this impressive Mamooth of more than 3 meters high. Located in Ciutadella Park, it has become a must visit for young and old.

El Pez de Frank Gehry (The Fish of Frank Gehry)


In this case we have to use the imagination to see a Fish in the sculpture of the famous architect Gehry. If you go to the Vila Olímpica beach, it wouldn’t be difficult to see it because of its copper color and its big height.

La Cabeza de Barcelona de Roy Lichtenstein (The Head of Barcelona)


If you continue walking through the coast until Port Vell you could see this work of the North American author. Lichtenstein wanted to honour the city for the Olympic Games of 1992, and its famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Is obvious that he don’t wanted to put in aside the artistic current of Pop Art and its influences in the comic world. Lichtenstein made is sculpture that highlights for its colour and big size.

La Dona i Ocell de Joan Miró (The Woman and the Bird)


And you finish our artistic tour with a Barcelona artist, Joan Miró. With a piece of imagination we can see, through this imposing work with brilliant colors, the female figure topped by the bird. A reference of the artistic icons of the Barcelona city located in Parc de Joan Miró, near Plaza Espanya.

These are some of the artworks sprouted out in Barcelona. Obviously there are more, but we will continue the tour in another article. If you prefer the independent art reed the Street Art post.