Barcelona has a good weather almost all year, which is the reason why tourists come to visit the city. But in autumn and spring usual rain some days. On rainy days you can see people with bags on the head, a lot of cars stuck or people running everywhere. Today at the blog we explain you what to do in a rainy day.

Let’s cook

The tourists increasingly want to learn how to cook traditional dishes of their destiny. The Mediterranean diet is famous for its variety flavours and healthy food. On the Boquería market is there are cooking shows. Try to go and see one.  And you can learn to make a ‘paella’ on Twentytú’s terrace.

Go shopping

When it’s raining a good plan in Barcelona is to burn out your credit card. There are different malls on the city and outlet malls too. If you want to increase your wardrobe, or you just want to try the new arrivals, just visit the Glories mall close to Twentytú, Diagonal Mar mall or Las Arenas mall. If you prefer to go to an outlet you should visit Heron City mall.

Cinema and popcorn

No matter where you are. Going to the cinema in a rainy day is always a good plan to spin out hours. You can find different cinemas around the city. But if you prefer to see a film on original version read this post.

There are also more traditional options like visiting museums, or going to touristic spots as Sagrada Família.