We are in October and we are receiving new Erasmus students in Barcelona. And they aren’t few …today at the blog we show some clues to move around the city and not miss anything.


Let’s focus first on what is important, we must know where the university is. In Barcelona city there are several schools, but also universities located in the suburbs.

UB (Barcelona University): It has several campuses throughout the city, it is important that you know for sure where your college is. The good thing is that you can get to all of them by public transport. If you want to know how metro works read our tips to get around in Barcelona by metro.

UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): If this is your University you will need go outside the city every day. To get to the UAB you have to take the Catalan Railways or the train. The good news is you’ll be in a green and relaxing environment, where it will be easier to study.

UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) This University has three college campus and three other buildings around the city. You can also get by public transport to all of them.


There are many lodging options; you can choose to live on campus or in student residences. There is also a network of rental rooms in student apartments, or in private homes. Here’s our advice: once you land and before deciding where you want to live in a few weeks you can stay with us in Twentytú. So you can go to see rooms to rent, residences standards (arrival times) or campus situation and decide on the best choice.


We have not forgotten about the Erasmus parties, as well-known as fun. There are days dedicated to such meetings in several nightclubs and bars in the city. We suggest you dig out these two websites dedicated to Erasmus in Barcelona: Erasmus Barcelona and Erasmus Barcelona Community.