Barcelona is well-prepared for receiving tourists with any type of disabilities. Museums, beaches, parks or means of transport are properly adapted for all. If you have some type of disability and you don’t know where to go on holidays, maybe Barcelona is your next destination.

What to visit?

The city’s main attractions are adapted for everybody. In almost all museums there are audio guides for visually impaired or blind people, there are descriptions written in Braille, tactile elements for everyone or for blind people, and some other services.

Gaudi’s buildings are one of the main tourist destinations at the city and they are fully adapted for people with disabilities too. You can make a tour in sign language, and touch scale model of the building on 3D to understand itsspecial architecture.

Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach! In Barcelona the main beaches offer an assisted bathing service. To help people with disabilities getting in and out of the water there are: a crane for people who need to transfer from their wheelchair to the floating wheelchair or shower, floating wheelchairs, pairs of water crutches and wheelchairs.

How to get there?

Transport is one of the most important elements for a tourist, and for disabled people it is even more important to know how to move around in an unknown city.The Barcelona metro, Tram, FGC and bus are almost fully adapted. There are some stations that don’t have all facilities for people with wheelchairs yet, but there are alternatives.

Barcelona has an adapted taxis net, and it is compulsory for them to accept seeing eye dogs.

Where to sleep

Twentytú is the only hostel all over the city which is completely adapted for those with special needs.

We offer adapted rooms for people with reduced mobility, that are wider and include adapted bathrooms.

You’ll find every information you need about accessibility in Barcelona on this website.