Barcelona is the third most photographed city in the world according to Google. It’s easy to get lost across its streets and take a special and unexpected photo. Discover the top 5 most photographed spots, take note and upload your own photos on your Instagram.

Park Güell


This spot is the most photographed on Barcelona’s ranking. The colors of the emblematic ‘trencadís’, or the nature that impregnates its doors will captivate you. If you want to see a different perspective of Barcelona, get off at line 3 Vallcarca station by subway. From there you can get into the park through not so busy tourist arrivals. Keep on going up until you find the three crosses. Once there, pick up your camera and take a panoramic photo of the city from this place.

Casa Batlló


We don’t leave Gaudí yet. At second place there is the Casa Batlló, right in the city center. The circle lines of this house will surprise from outside, but don’t miss the chance to take a tour inside the house. You’ll make hundreds of photos, and pay attention to the windows and the stained glass. And now the pictures of Casa Batlló have prize: there is a photo contest for those who publish their photos with the hashtag #casabatllo and #photocontest. You can learn more on this link.

Casa Milà

The Pedrera ranks third in the list, and it is set on a wonderful corner right at  Paseo de Gracia. We are sure that you have a lot of images of this place, so we recommended you make a nocturne visit. You’ll see how the colors give life to the soldier-shaped chimneys on the roof.

Sagrada Família


The Sagrada Família temple is the fourth most photographed place in Barcelona. So you thought it would be on the first place, didn’t you? Anyway, you see that  Gaudí created the most important places in Barcelona. In this case the cranes appear on all photos. But the recent reforms of the central chapel have filled Instagram of awesome colorful pictures. Go and try to get your special photo.

Metro línea 1


This is the fifth most photographed spot in Barcelona. You are probably wondering why, and so are we. Surely it is the most frequently walked through place all over the city, as it is right in the city center and it is a common meeting point for locals. But we think that this place doesn’t hide any secrets: there’s just a line 1 (red) subway station.  we are sure that this place doesn’t have any secret, only there is a subway station of line 1 or red line. If you walk around the city you’ll propably walk by this zone,  so don’t stay out!  Why don’t you take a photo of this place and post it on Instagram with our hashtag #twentytuhostel?