With the heat of the summer in the city, the best thing you can do is practise some water sports. So fun and refreshing! But… where can you practise water sports near Barcelona? Which are the most fun water sports you can do in Barcelona? Here are some clues. Enjoy!

Sailing at Barcelona coast

Who doesn’t enjoy sailing? Feel the breeze on your face and salty smell of the water… Barcelona is a great city for sailing lovers: why not go for a sailing day all over Barcelona coast? You’ll see the city from a whole new perspective and it is so refreshing!

Feeling the waves: surfing

Paddlesurf, Windsurf, Kitesurf and, of course, regular surf are some of the water sports you can practise in Barcelona. Although the Mediterranean Sea is probably not the best place to get those perfect, huge waves, surfers can enjoy here too!

Another super fun and easy water sport is wakeboarding, which is similar to snowboarding but, of course, on water. A perfect water sport for beginners or children because even if you are not really good at sports you’ll get it quickly and you’ll certainly enjoy it.

Slow but steady: kayak and canoeing

If you wish to feel as a part of the waves, you can also try kayak or canoeing, at the Sea or at rivers or channels. It is certainly a nice way to enjoy the water in a calmer environment. But be aware that it also requires a huge physical effort if you want to get somewhere!

Pure adrenaline: Jet Ski and Flyboard

Only for adrenaline lovers! Feel the speed at the sea on a Water Jet Ski or either flyboarding. Not recommended for those who are easily scared … Do you dare?

Under the Sea: diving

If you are curious about wildlife under the Sea, we recommend a day trip to l’Estartit, a nice spot at Costa Brava with an amazing natural environment. There are plenty of diving schools there where you can either learn how to dive or go for daily routes around the area.

Where to practise water sports in Barcelona?

– Centre Municipal de Vela (http://www.velabarcelona.com/)

– Base Nàutica (



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