Don’t forget your smartphone when you go to the beach… at least when you are in Barcelona! You will need it to check the sea state at Infoplatges App (an app about Barcelona beaches). Good news: with the free wifi network that has been installed all over Barcelona seaside it will be much easier!

The city council has digitalized Barcelona beaches. It’s clear that technology is now everywhere and the beach could not go without it anymore.

Free Wifi at the beach

This Summer, for the first time, you can go online for free with the city’s Wifi network. A pilot test was successfully undergone at Nova Icària beach. To be sure of it, you can check information panels all over the city, with tell you about access points to free wifi.


Other technological measures approved on the coast are:

Some other technological measures have been approved at the cost, such as:

  • Bins underhand with intelligent sensors tell the level of charge and improve the waste collection efficiency.
  • Solar power screens tell us about buses timing. They also have an audio system for the blind.
  • New parking lots for bikes on the sand. In order to turn Barcelona into a more sustainable city, cycling is increasingly spreading and 320 new parking spaces have been created at the beach.

App beaches

This free app contains everything you need to know about the conditions you’ll find at any of the 39 metropolitan beaches. Before deciding which beach to go, remember to check:

  • Services and facilities on each beach
  • Activities on offer
  • Information about weather, temperature and sea conditions
  • Route to reach the beach chosen
  • Advice or recommendations for users.
  • First aid services
  • Report any incident relating to cleanliness, damages, showers, etc. and monitor these incidents, as well as suggesting improvements.

With all these new features, you’ll have in your hands all the information about Barcelona beaches. If you don’t know where to go, check our list on The best beaches in Barcelona.