Keep reading this if you think that hostels are only for young people, or that they are not clean and comfortable enough. Nowadays you can stay in a modern hostel for a low price but enjoying the same services that in a luxury hotel.

There are a lot of prejudices about hostels, but the reality is very different. At Twentytú we have private bathrooms in every room, daily cleaning services and the best mattresses. So what is the new hostel concept about? Here’s our definition.

Shared rooms

All hostels have shared rooms that can be used by guests travelling alone, in groups, as a couple or by a family too. Shared rooms offer the possibility of sleeping cheap and meeting other people.

But if you want some privacy, we also have double rooms or family rooms for 4 people. You choose the best option!


Private bathroom

Sometimes people think that they are going to have to share bathroom with all guests at the hostel. Maybe this is true … but not anymore in Twentytú! You don’t need to walk up and down the hostel’s aisles wearing only a towel. All our rooms have a private bathroom, so you only have to share it with your roommates.


Have you ever heard about bed and breakfast? This service is always included with the low price. At Twentytú we offer a delicious continental breakfast every morning, which includes coffee, toasts with marmalade or cookies… to start the day in a good mood!

Another well-known feature of hostels are the common spaces: fully equipped kitchen, dining room and an entertaining area. It can be really comfortable to cook something you like when you are far away from home.

Having all spaces clean and proper is a priority at our hostel. That’s why we have a daily cleaning service. Low price is not at odds with cleanliness and comfort.

If you want to know more about Twentytú hostel visit this link. We hope you have high expectations about hostel and so you choose Twentytú during your stay in Barcelona.