Running is a trend nowadays in Barcelona and there are more and more runners every day all across the city- For professionals, amateurs, families or groups of friends, if you visit Barcelona and want to go for a run, here you have some of the best races in town.

You just need a good pair of sneakers, a T-shirt and running pants. Are you ready to go? Remember to do warm-up exercises before you start to prevent injuries.

Choose the race that suits your level best to run… and go!

L’Hospitalet night race

This month you can participate in l’Hospitalet’s night race: if you like jogging at night, we recommend you to join this race, which rewards runners with a delicious fideuà at the end. You can choose either a 5km or 10km itinerary. Registrations are still open in this website.

  • Date: April 18th
  • Price: 11 or 14€, depending if you have a chip or not

The Color Run

Those who want to exercise and have fun at the same time can’t miss the Color Run- It is a 5km race full of color, fun, sport and music. The whole family can participate, as the definition of this race is: The most fun 5km on the Planet.

  • Date: June 7th
  • Price: from 14 to 26€

Firefighters Race

This is one of the most important races in Barcelona, and the registration fills up really fast. It is a 10km race with well-known athletes among its participants. To be up to date with all the details visit this website.

  • Date: To be determined, but the race will probably take place between May and June.

The Family Run

This race is for families that run together. Here the most important thing is to enjoy. There are different itineraries depending on children’s ages. Find all the details on their website.

  • Date: June 14th
  • Price: 5€ kids, from 8€ adults

This is our selection for the next months, but in Barcelona running is trendy and there are a lot of popular races. If you want to know the calendar of all races visit the web Ready? Go! See you in Twentytú!