Coming to Barcelona with kids? Let us tell you how to enjoy the city… playing with the youngest of the family! Weather is getting warmer and so parks and gardens all over the city open until 9pm. An ideal plan to discover the city… having the best time ever!

Barcelona is full of magical spots such as the well-known Ciutadella or Park Güell, but also some precious jewels yet to discover such as Poblenou’s Parc Central. So, grab a pen and take note: do not miss any of these urban oasis!

Park Güell

One of Gaudí’s most popular works, doubtlessly. But what most people don’t know is that there’s a skating rink inside the park. So you can lay back and enjoy this wonderful park while your kites have a great time skating. And do not forget to take a photo with the dragon, to dance between the columns, or to play hide-and-seek in Pórtico de la Lavandera. Organize your trip around Park Güell here.

Ciutadella Park

You’ll find this natural retreat right in the city centre. One of its main attractions is to rent a boat and sail around the main lake. Your kids will have a wonderful time rowing around the ducks that live there. Inside the park you’ll fins Barcelona Zoo too, a must for children. Check our post on Barcelona Tourism with kids for further information.

Poblenou’s Parc Central

This is one of the hidden gems to discover in Barcelona. This wonderful space created by Jean Nouvel is not among the most visited in the city yet. The design by this French architect will amaze your kids: it seems to be especially for them, as they can play with nature, tangling with branches or going up hills and then going down on a slide. The main attraction is a hut where your children will want to play all afternoon long. If you are staying at Twentytú this park is really close. Don’t miss it!

Horta’s Labyrinth

If we had to choose one perfect spot in Barcelona for kids, that would be Horta’s Labyrinth. Playing there and getting lost in this wonderful garden is an unforgettable experience for both kids and grown-ups!

Oreneta Park

For kids this forest is a world of emotions where they can ride a small steam train or even a pony. For adults, Oreneta Park is a great place to get lost and enjoy the views over the whole city. A daytrip that will please the whole family.

Port Vell

If you like to smell the sea breeze, you can’t leave Barcelona without vistiting the Port Vell. At this emblematic place you can go for a walk, do sports, go shopping or visit museums. And don’t miss the Aquàrium: a magical place for children!

In Barcelona there are over a hundred parks and gardens. If you want to learn more, visit this website. You can also have a good family time in these Museums for kids. And remember we have family rooms in our hostel. Looking forward to your visit, family!