March 22nd is the World Water Day around the planet, and on Twentytú we work hard every day to reduce water consumption. We want you to get involved in our challenge and get to know the importance this gift of nature. Join us and begin to change the world!

Believe it or not, little changes are powerful, and for sure you can think of little changes you can do to improve our planet every day. This is our philosophy and we built our Hi-Tech hostel based on it.

Bath time is when we waste more water. Can you imagine the water consumption in the morning on our hostel? Each member of our big guests family have their own style for showering. That is we decided to install showers and taps that work with timer switches. Maybe it isn’t the most comfortable way to have a shower, but it is the most sustainable.

Another action we’ve taken in order to look after the environment is to install the greywater recovery system. What is it? It is a recovery system for water from showers and basins so that it can subsequently be treated and used in the WC cisterns. Not a single drop of water is wasted!

The fact is that all of these decisions were made before building Twentytú Hostel, but you can work to save water at home too:

  • Put a low flow shower head and aerating taps.
  • Buy double flush cisterns to your WC.
  • Use the washer and dishes washer always at their full capacity.
  • Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath. Go to the swimming pool or to the beach if you want a bath.

Every little thing can make a difference if a million people are doing it. We believe on transforming tourism into sustainable tourism, and we continue to work hard to reach our goals.  Are you in?