Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona are becoming more and more popular, and especially among those who practice sustainable tourism and green lifestyle. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you might enjoy a healthy and tasty meal based on anything but meat and fish. Here’s a list of some of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

  • Veggie Garden
    An oriental vegetarian restaurant located in the city centre, very close to MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art). It is hosted by an Indian family and it offers a wide variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals at really affordable prices.
  • L’Hortet
    This vegetarian restaurant opened in Barcelona 25 years ago and it is one of the most well-known in town. Based in the city centre, they offer creative dishes mixed with more traditional food. And good news: it is not expensive at all!
  • Teresa Carles
    This vegetarian restaurant has become really popular in Barcelona’s alternative and hipster sphere. Delicious food based on traditional ingredients but with really innovative recipes. And the restaurant is really carefully designed to make you feel at home.
  • Sopa
    Looking for a vegetarian restaurant near Twentytú? Just a few blocks away you have Sopa, where you can get a really good and affordable daily menu. Their most popular dish: vegetable soups! Any mix you can imagine (pumpkin with carrots and ginger, for example), and all of them delicious!
  • Carrot Café
    This one is not entirely vegetarian, but they do offer a vegetarian menu that is as delicious as it can be. And the best thing: if you are staying in Twentytú, just go next door! Carrot Café is one of the best places to eat in Barcelona, even if you are a vegetarian. And, if you like cakes, this is definitely your place: it is famous for its carrot or cheese cakes. Just have a look at this photo and start feeling hungry:

So this is it: keep it up with your sustainable tourism practices (or you healthy detox diet after Christmas) with these vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona!