It’s already Winter in Barcelona! Well, actually not yet (few days to go), but the weather is as cold as it will probably get, so here’s a couple of things we love to do in Barcelona during winter days. But don’t be afraid: winter in Barcelona means around 12ºC (53F); that’s like Spring in northern Europe!

So what to do during winter in Barcelona? There are a lot of things to do in Barcelona when the days turn colder!

Hello, Christmas

Well, yes. You probably already know this, but Christmas is just around the corner. That’s why Barcelona streets are all about Christmas lights, shopping, wishes and much more. If you want to learn about Christmas in Barcelona, read our post on Christmas in Barcelona.

Winter is a great time for shopping

Whether it’s before Christmas, when everybody is looking for the best presents for the special ones, or after Christmas, with sales going on, if you like shopping (and you can afford it) this period of the year is a dream come true. In Barcelona there are thousands of shops of all kinds and sizes that will delight you. Read our post on Shopping in Barcelona.

Remember: vermouth is a great thing to do in Barcelona during all year long, even in Winter. But maybe you are not that much into cold drinks in Winter. No problem! Here are at Barcelona there are some places that master the art of… hot chocolate with churros. At breakfast or after lunch, this meal will be absolutely unforgettable. We specially recommend going to Petritxol Street, right in the city centre. Absolutely delicious.

Catalans’ favourite: calçots

What are calçots? A calçot is just a long onion cooked by the fire and eaten with a special sauce and, most importantly, with your fingers. In Catalunya, calçots are a really popular meal in Winter, but it’s much more than that. Gathering some friends at the countryside, preparing a fire (in special areas just for that), cooking calçots and then eating them. It is a ritual more than just a meal! You can also find calçots in some restaurants.

Mountains, snow and skiing

Catalunya is not Switzerland, but we have great snowy mountains too! In the north of the country, by the Pyrenees, ski lovers always find their place. Even if you don’t like ski and just prefer doing snowmen or enjoying the views, we recommend a visit to this area.

If you are going by train, Vall de Núria is a great place. Jump on a R3 train in Arc de Triomf station until Ribes de Freser. There you can get a really cute train that will take you through the mountains to the most beautiful valley you can imagine: Vall de Núria. A great place to walk around, enjoy the views and also ski and practice other snow sports!

Come and enjoy many things to do in Winter in Barcelona.