One of the greatest things about real Barcelona is that it hosts some of the weirdest museums you will ever find. Some of them are even unknown by Barcelona citizens. Here’s a list of our favorites.

  • Perfume Museum
    It was opened in 1961 and ever since then it has been showing the most beautiful perfume bottles. It’s good to have a different view of the history of fashion and style through the finest perfumes. One of those museums in Barcelona that not even local people know that exist.
  • Inventions Museum
    There’s a museum in Barcelona about the best and worst inventions ever. Some of them have transformed the way we live, but some others have never become a reality, although the idea was genius. For example, someone invented a mop with a microphone on top, so that cleaning your home could be much more fun.
  • This is a museum that kids will absolutely love. Some weeks ago we told you about Barcelona museums for kids.
  • Funeral carriages museum
    This is not a joke. There is a museum in Barcelona all about funeral carriages. Transport from church to cementery has been nearly as important as the ceremony itself. That’s why Barcelona’s cementeries have put together this exhibit to discover the history of funeral carriages through the past century.
  • Footwear museum
    Another unknown weird museum in Barcelona: one dedicated to the history of shoes. But not only will you see a wide variety of footwear from all times. There are also shoes that belonged to famous Catalan personalities such as the clown Charlie Rivel or our most international musician, Pau Casals.
  • Music museum
    If you enjoy any melody, don’t miss this museum in Barcelona. You’ll see more than 500 musical instruments of all kinds, as well as other related objects and documents.
  • Automaton Museum (Tibidabo)
    Tibidabo theme park hosts a singular museum: one with many types of automata, vintage mechanical games and toys, coin-operated figures and much more. A great way to go back to childhood!
  • Mammoth Museum
    From all the weird museums that there are in Barcelona, this might be one of the best: everything about the mammoth and other prehistoric animals, especially those who used to live in Catalunya.

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Go ahead and enjoy the weird museums in Barcelona!