It’s Halloween in Barcelona, kids! But for Catalan tradition, the night of the 31st October it’s La Castanyada. What does that mean? We told you about it last year (read our post on La Castanyada).

To sum up: when summer is gone and it starts to get colder, it’s nice to sit by the fire, isn’t it? It’s even better if you’re eating some toasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes, as well as panellets, those little delicious sweets you’ll find in any bakery. That’s what La Castanyada is about!

So here’s what you have to do these days in Barcelona: look for a Castanyera (a lady who sells chestnuts at the street) and enjoy at any time!

Other Halloween plans in Barcelona

Even though according to the tradition we should be celebrating Castanyada and nothing else, Halloween has become popular also in Barcelona. That’s why there are many things to do in Barcelona in Halloween.

  • Pumpkin Electronik: after their big success with Piknik Electronik, these guys are back in town with their Pumpkin Electronik: a Halloween party in Barcelona just for electronic music lovers.
  • Halloween kids: as scary as it might be, Halloween is a fun party for children. That’s why we recommend this Halloween party at Poble Espanyol. If your kids prefer museums, check out this post: Barcelona Museums for kids.
  • Basketween: this is only for basketball lovers. What about seeing an Euroleague match with FC Barcelona… but in a Halloween style? FC Barcelona is decorating the stadium so that you feel the Halloween vibe during the game. And if you like basketball, you’ll also enjoy this post: Real Barcelona for basketball lovers.
  • The night of the souls: at Sagrada Família popular centre, there will be plenty of activities to get to know how different cultures celebrate the night of the 31st October.

So now it’s up to you to celebrate either La Castanyada or Halloween in Barcelona. Or both!