If you like photography, travel and technology, keep reading: here are some of the best photo apps that every traveller should know. And most of them are free, so there are no excuses!

This is the number one photo app, whether you travel or not. It is also one of the most popular social networks among young people. But it is especially useful for travellers, as you can geo-tag your posts or use some of the most popular hashtags in the area you are visiting. If you are visiting us, do not forget to use #twentytu!

Barcelona is full of marvellous buildings you will want to remember. But photographing architecture can be quite tricky: you need to respect lines and perspectives! Here’s an app that will help you make the best shots!

Turn the places you visit into drawings! With this photo app you can make sketches out of your shots, so you will get.

This photo app’s name says it all: just fantastic frames for your photos!

Although Instagram offers lots of filters, for some people it’s just not enough. In this photo app you will find some more filters.

Vintage Deco
Everyone knows that vintage is a trend now, so why not transform your photos into an early 20th century style?

Photoshop Express
If you are a Photoshop user, you might want to keep it up also on your mobile. Here’s a free app by Adobe that features the main functions of Photoshop.

Those typical postcards you send when you are travelling could become much, much better with this photo app! Design your own postcard with one of your fantastic photos and a personalised message. You friends and relatives will be delighted!

If cinema is able to produce 3D movies, why can’t you have 3D pictures taken with your phone? Finally a great photo app has been created for that purpose. With Photosynth you can create 360-degree views of whatever you like (our great rooftop chill-out terrace, for example) and share it with your friends!

Trip Journal
You have taken thousands of photos during your trip to Barcelona but they are all stuck in your phone. What to do? Make a digital album out of them! With Trip Journal, you can add photos as well as comments and much more, so that you will remember your trip just as it was.

So you see that travel technologies such as these photo apps can be really useful and fun!