For those who are into motor competitions and cars, this month there’s a great event just for you in Barcelona: Rally Catalunya (23rd-26th October)! This historical competition was held for the first time in 1916 (almost one century ago!), but the first official Catalunya race wasn’t until 50 years ago. Ever since that moment, it has evolved significantly. And now it’s back in town with a lot of things to do in Barcelona during those days!

The first Rally Catalunya in 1916

The first motor competition that was held in Barcelona in 1916 was quite different from today. Cars belonged to particular owners and they could drive themselves (they would get extra points if they did) or they could hire a mechanic to do so. If there were ladies riding the car during the competition, they would get extra points too.

According to a newspaper of the time (Heraldo Deportivo), some of the drivers cheated (with the weights of their cars), the time was not properly calculated and the roads were not good enough. Can you imagine an official competition under these circumstances?

Rally Catalunya 2014

Things have changed a lot since 1916, and now Rally Catalunya is one great competition for motor lovers! It begins at Costa Daurada (the Southern coast of Catalunya), and you will be able to see it in some of the main venues, all in Tarragona province. Check out more information here.

But the main question will be: who is going to win? After 8 consecutive victories by Sébastien Loeb, last year there was a new champion: Sébastien Ogier. Who will get lucky this year?

The great event in Barcelona: 23rd October

Rally Catalunya is also going to take place in Barcelona, with an official part of the race being held around Montuïc mountain, but also an ehibition and promotional events. Here’s a brief timetable so that you do not miss anything:

  • All day long: Exhibition about the history of motor sports, inside the Arenas Shopping Centre, right in Espanya Square (Metro Espanya L1 L3). It will be open some days before as well, from the 20th October.
  • 2.00pm: rallycars will start to arrive at Espanya. Each of them is going to make two laps around the stage.
  • Afternoon: all sorts of promotional events, such as press conferences, signing autographs…
  • 5.00pm: exhibition of historic rally cars.
  • 6.00pm: the race! Each car will have to make two laps around Montjuïc, driving a total of 3.2 km.

So if you are into motor and cars, do not miss Rally Catalunya this year and its many things to do in Barcelona!