September is the month of traditions at real Barcelona. 11th September is the Diada, the Catalan National Day, and the week after that we celebrate La Mercè, the city’s most important Feast. If you are visiting us this month, don’t miss these great chances of mixing with local people and getting to know Real Barcelona.

Diada de Catalunya (11th September)

11th September is a day to remember Barcelona’s 1714 defeat, when Borbonic troupes took the city after a battle of 14 months. That day meant the end of Catalan institutions. This year is the 300th anniversary of that famous day and so the Catalan government and other institutions have prepared lots of activities to remember it. You can check out the agenda here.

La Mercè 2014 (19th – 24th September)

There will be traditional events (check them out here) as Gegants, Castellers or Sardanes. There will also be plenty of free concerts all over the city, some of them quite near Twentytú. You can see all of them here.

As there are thousands of activities all over the city for nearly a week, we have prepared are some recommendations to make it easier. Here’s our selection of events you can’t miss:

  • Concerts at the beach (Tuesday 23rd): three well-known local bands (Manel, Txarango and La Troba Kung-Fú) will be performing in a really cool stage at the beach, and it is within walking distance from Twentytú! More info here.
  • Be at the city centre (at Sant Jaume Square) on Wednesday 24th, the festive Day. You will see plenty of the most important Catalan traditions in just one place!
  • Audiovisual projections at Town Hall’s façade, every evening. Do not miss it! More info here.
  • Theatre and street art in Ciutadella Park during the day. More info here.
  • Piromusical: fireworks and music in Espanya square. An amazing show that Real Barcelona loves! You can see last year’s video here. And if you need more information, you will find it here.

September is a great month to see the real Barcelona and its traditions with a nice and hot weather. Are you in?