Gràcia’s festivity is one of the most popular in Barcelona every year. Right in the middle of August heat, the most alternative and bohemian neighbourhood in town will be full of life for a few days. From today until next week, enjoy Festa de Gràcia! Here are some of the things you will enjoy most during this great time of the year.

Decorated streets

It is probably the most famous event in Festes de Gràcia. Neighbours of 18 streets in the districts have been working for months in order to decorate their street in the most spectacular and original way.

Which one will be the best? We will know on Sunday 17th at 18pm, when the contest ends. We highly recommend visiting all of the streets because it is a unique thing to see in Barcelona and anywhere else.

Just one tip: avoid rush hours or the most popular streets will be too crowded for you to fully enjoy it.


Gràcia’s Festivity used to be popular for its spectacular concerts programme, but this has changed over the past years. Smaller concerts with less famous bands, but just as good or even better than mainstream bands. You will find all kinds of music in its many squares!

Catalan traditions

Have you ever seen the popular human towers that are so typical from Catalunya? That is Castellers, a group of people of all ages and physical shapes. You have a great chance to see a great Castellers show in Festes de Gràcia on Sunday 17th morning.

There will be also a “cercavila”, a huge parade with traditional dances, characters, “gegants” (giant sculptures that walk around)… This will be on Friday 15th from 18pm.

If you are not afraid of fire, the best thing to do in Barcelona is “correfoc”, a parade with fire and demons. But beware of some security measures: cover your head and body with fire-resistant clothes and be careful at all times!

And if you want more decorated streets, traditions and many other things to do in Barcelona’s neighbourhoods, you have another chance in Sants’ Fest!