Summer at Barcelona. High temperatures, long sunny days, that tedious humidity that makes everyone sweat… It is easy to get sunburnt or to have a bad time in Barcelona if you are not careful with the hot weather. If you want to survive the heat in town, follow these tips!

Escape from the sun

The best way to enjoy the Sun is… from a shadow! Avoid sunburning, headaches and sweaty T-shirts in some of the best shadows in real Barcelona:

– Barcelona Gòtic district: its streets and squares are so charmingly narrow that the Sun is not a problem. You will find shadows anywhere! Our favourite: Sant Felip Neri square. Delightful!

– Vicenç Martorell square (Pl. Catalunya metro L1 or L3): in Raval, very close to Las Ramblas, this square is fresh in the summer and there are some really nice terraces.

– Concòrdia Square (Les Corts metro L3): a lovely place to have a drink! Not touristic, but really charming. One of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona, and perfect for summer days!

And so many others! Just go for a walk around the real Barcelona and enjoy!

Breath and swim
In real Barcelona, people need a break from the hot weather every now and then. Here’s a couple of ideas:

– Ciutadella Park: this is one of the best parks in town. It’s not the most beautiful or the greenest, but it is in the city centre, and within walking distance from Twentytú, and quite nice.

– Beaches in Barcelona: there are not many shadows, but there’s the sea. Just swim! A while ago we told you everything about the best beaches in Barcelona.

Other useful tips
– Drink lots of water: hydrating is compulsory in hot days. Even if you are not thirsty, drink water or juice all day long to prevent health problems.

– Use sunscreen: in Barcelona we are tired of seeing tourists with their skin sunburnt, red as a tomato (as we say). Please, use sunscreen!

– Protect your head: avoid headaches or worse pains by covering your head with a hat.

So remember to follow these tips to survive the high temperatures in real Barcelona.