Those who practice sustainable tourism know that sometimes it is hard to understand the public transport system of big cities such as Barcelona. Too many lines and maps, different kinds of tickets, useful advice no-one tells you… Today we tell you all you need to know on sustainable transport in town!

How many kinds of public transport are there in town?

There are 5 different kinds of transport. Here we tell you the best choices and a link to each one’s map. Easy as it can be!

Metro: the most common and flexible means of transport. Five lines that will take you anywhere! From Twentytú, go to Marina (Line 1) or Bogatell (Line 4). MAP

Renfe (train): great for longer distances. If you want to spend a day at the beach, this will be useful. MAP

FGC: this is another kind of train. There are 2 lines, one from Espanya and the other one from Catalunya. This is your transport if you need to go to Collserola mountain, for example. MAP

Bus: there are plenty of lines all over the city. Useful if you prefer seeing the city rather than travelling inside a tunnel. Pay attention because now there are some new easier and straighter lines of bus: D (diagonal), V (vertical) and H (horizontal), and also night buses, which are marked with an N. MAP

Tram: there are 2 main lines of tramway in Barcelona, both of them mainly in Diagonal Avenue. It is green, nice and comfortable. Glòries tram stop is near Twentytú. MAP

Which are the cheapest tickets?
If you are going to travel more than once, avoid single tickets. They are way too expensive (2,15€) and you cannot transfer trains using the same ticket. Our advice is that you get one of these:

Barcelona Travel Card: for tourists, it allows you for unlimited journeys

T-10: a 10 journeys ticket that you can share with others. With this one, you can transfer from one transport to another without paying during 1.15 hours.

How to move at night?
From Sunday to Thursday, regular transport lines close at midnight. Metro is open until 2am on Friday night and it works all night long on Saturday night. Great, right?

You can also use night buses (see the lines here).

What about cycling?
Best transport ever! You will see lots of bikes in the city. Some of them belong to Bicing, a service for locals with an annual fee. Unluckily, this service is not available if you are only staying for a few days.

But we highly recommend discovering the city by bike. That’s why we offer you a bicycle rental service: bikes for only 13€/day. Come ride with us and embrace sustainable tourism!