As Starks would say… summer is coming! Want to know how we celebrate it at real Barcelona? Sant Joan’s Eve (23rd June) is our way to welcome the good weather and have a good time!

What is Sant Joan’s Eve about?

Sant Joan’s Eve is celebrated the night of 23rd of June, which is also the shortest night of the year (or time of the year with more sunlight hours). No one knows exactly where this tradition comes from, but it is said to exist even before the Christians, as a way to welcome the summertime. So it is a celebration with a pagan origin in which the fire is the main protagonist, as it is used to purificate the souls. Bonfires, music, firecrackers, good weather… What else can you possibly need?

What to eat in a real Barcelona Sant Joan’s party?

Coca and cava are definitely a must. Coca is a kind of sweet pastry which is traditionally cooked for this celebration, and it is very tasty. You can buy it at any bakery and there are many different kinds (with fruit, cream, pine nuts…). Cava is a kind of sparkling wine, similar to champagne, which is exclusively produced in Catalunya. Really good!

Where to go and have a good time?

A good plan is to spend the night at Barceloneta beach, which is also very close to Twentytú. The party starts at 9.15 pm with drums, bonfires and concerts. When the sun sets and the moon rises, they celebrate it with fireworks, just by the sea. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you prefer something different, you can just walk around the city and enjoy one among hundreds of bonfires all over Barcelona. If you are a student and you just finished a course, these bonfires are a great place to burn your textbooks!

Or you can get some firecrackers (they are sold the week before all over the city) and go back to childhood! Make them explode and have a good time. But please be careful… keep reading.

How to be safe?

Sant Joan’s Eve is a very special night, but it can be a little bit dangerous if you don’t take into account a couple of things. So just be careful with firecrackers: do not use them in inappropriate places and always look after others and yourself. Don’t keep them in your pocket or near fire lighteners, don’t make them explode in dangerous situations or too near somebody… You just need common sense!

And one last tip: as it is said in Catalan: Un bany per Sant Joan, salut tot l’any. That means: have a dip during Sant Joan’s Eve and you will be healthy all year long.

The perfect plan: party at our rooftop terrace

We have no doubt: our rooftop terrace is the best place to enjoy this special night… from above! See the fireworks from a very well-located spot and have some coca and cava for only 3 euros! Are you ready for a real Sant Joan in real Barcelona?

Now you know what to do in real Barcelona during Sant Joan. Enjoy!