Sónar Festival is already here! Want to know things to do in Barcelona during this worldwide known electronic music festival? Here are a couple of ideas!

Great electronic concerts and performances, conferences on the latest technology, art, design… If you are into all of it, Sónar festival is your place! It is considered to be one of the best electronic music festivals in the whole world. Are you going to miss it?

Sónar by Day: surroundings

If you have tickets to Sónar by Day, you might enjoy visiting MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya), which is nearby and offers great views of all the city from a different perspective.

You may also enjoy a stroll around Montjuïc mountain, with its beautiful parks and views. There are also some small bars with terraces very close to Sónar Festival area. Great for having a drink between activities!

If you are into modern art, Joan Miró’s museum is also nearby and it displays a great collection of Miró’s and other artists’ minimal art.

Sónar by night: recovering from it

There’s no doubt that Sónar by night is a great deal. If you are attending, during the day you might need relaxing plans in order to recover from the night party. Have you considered, for example, going to the Barceloneta beach? It is within walking distance from Twentytú!

If you can’t stand laying under the sun, you can lay under a tree shadow… in Ciutadella Park. It is also within walking distance from Twentytú.

Offsonar parties

If you are not going to Sónar Music Festival, but you love electronics and advanced music, there are many other things to do in Barcelona during Sónar’s weekend. Many clubs, hotels and bars all over the city organise ‘offsonar events’, where to enjoy the Sónar essence in a different way.

The Burger Music. Barbacoa & Dj at Twentytú’s terrace!
Come to our Open Day terrace party on Saturday! As we did a while ago, we are opening our rooftop terrace to all visitors on Saturday from 7pm to midnight, during Poblenou Open Day. You can come and have a burger, a drink… and a lot of fun! Our DJ Twentyo will be entertaining the party with great electronic music. You are all welcome!

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