Well, yes! Batman has been to Barcelona… And he’s coming back soon! If you are into comic books, this is going to be one of your favourite things to do in Barcelona: the Comic Fair (15th-18th May), or Saló del Còmic in Catalan. Comics, famous authors, exhibits, all kinds of collector’s items… If you liked The Nerd Triangle we told you about a while ago, you will love this!

This year’s edition: wars, Batman Popeye and Wolverine

The 32nd edition of Barcelona’s Comic Fair is all about the war and how it is explained through comic books. War comics and graphic novels, exhibits, theatre and many other things that you will love if you are into the subject. The most special feature will be a collection of 200 original comic books talking about war, from historical ones to the most recent conflicts such as Afghanistan or Iraq.

But it is also a special year for many well-known comic characters. Popeye turns 85 this year, Batman is already 75 and Wolverine, though younger, celebrates his 40th birthday. All of them will be in Saló del Còmic this year, with special exhibits and activities.

Other things to do in Barcelona’s Comic Fair

Do you know Andrew Wildman, Brian Azzarello or Mike Carey? Well, they have drawn The Transformers, Superman and Hellblazer respectively. Want an autograph? They will be in Saló del Còmic!

But Barcelona’s Comic Fair is much more: it is also the best place to find the rarest object for collectors. Even better than The Nerd Triangle!

Where and prices

The Saló del Còmic is held near Espanya square. You can get there easily by metro (L1, L3, Espanya station). It costs 7€ for general public and 5€ if you can get a discount (for students, groups, children…)

Check out Saló del Còmic’s website for more information.

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