Sustainable tourism is the new way of travelling, which involves being respectful towards environtment and the community you are visiting. If you want the world to be a better place, become a sustainable traveller!

Today we give you a few tips to become a green traveller and contribute to sustainable tourism:

  • Reduce your luggage. We often carry more stuff than we need. That means our suitcases are heavier and therefore they consume more energy and cause more pollution.
  • Eat local. Make sure the food you consume has not travelled (and polluted) all over the world before ending up in your stomach.
  • Save water and electricity. Besides short showers, turning lights off and other nice habits, staying at an ecohostel also helps: at Twentytú, for instance, our installations are prepared to optimise water and electricity resources, in order to be respectful towards environment.
  • Unplug all your devices at home before leaving. They consume energy when they are plugged even if they are turned off. Sustainable tourism even before leaving home!
  • Move green. Use public transport, a bike or your feet. It is also a way of diving into the country you are visiting.
  • Reduce and re-use packages such as plastic bags, bottles…
  • Recycle. Sometimes it is difficult, but there is always a way.
  • Book responsibly. The place where you sleep is very important. Is it eco-friendly? Do they recycle? Do they make an effort to save water and energy?

That’s why Twentytú is your place to stay in Barcelona. We are the best ecohostel in the world so sustainable tourism is our thing! We collaborate with Barcelona Sustainable Tourism, UNESCO’s Construction 21 and some companies that work under Social Responsibility criteria, such as Business With Social Value, IReS Foundation

See? It is not difficult to become a greener traveller and go for sustainable tourism!