Today we want to tell you about a super fun travel technology to discover Barcelona in a different way: Geocaching! Look for hidden treasures all over the city using a smartphone with GPS. Want to go geocaching in Barcelona? Here’s our little guide for beginners!

How does it work?

Geocaching is a treasure hunt game with over 5 million players in several countries. It consists on finding hidden treasures (caches) using GPS coordinates. Those treasures are left by other players (geocachers) in public places. But they are well hidden so that you won’t see them unless you know exactly where they are!

Geocaching is becoming more and more popular and it is also a fun technology for travellers and tourists: a way of discovering places you wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise!

  1. Sign in at or any other website about Geocaching.
  2. There is a map with every cache registered all over the world. Just search caches near your location! You can also download the Geocaching app and look for caches with your smartphone while you walk!
  3. Go and find the cache (using GPS coordinates)! It will be kept in a box along with a logbook, where you can sign in. Sometimes you have to follow some hints given by the owner, as they can be really well hidden! You can choose either to leave it as you found it or take it and replace it with a new treasure.

Are there any caches near Twentytú?
Well, yes! Plenty, actually! Check out the map below.

And here’s a little spoiler: a photo of a cache we have found very near to Twentytú! This one is quite small and it is very well hidden: ut’s been in the same place for more than 6 years! But, of course, we won’t tell you where it is… Let us know if you find it too!!

So here’s our travel technology tip of the day: get a smartphone or a GPS device and go Geocaching in Barcelona!