Looking for things to do in Barcelona in Spring? Here are some tips and ideas to spend the best Spring in town. There are a lot of inspiring things to do in Barcelona while the flowers are blooming all around!

Books and roses
Saint Valentine’s Day is not such a big deal in Barcelona, though there are some pretty romantic streets in town. The lovers’ day here is the 23rd April, Sant Jordi (Saint George). People greet their beloved ones with books and roses and the city is full of street markets selling both. A really special day! Read more here.

The Spring of music
The best music festivals in Barcelona happen in Spring: Primavera Sound and Sónar. Be sure to get your tickets in advanced, or otherwise you will be left without. If you plan to come to Primavera Sound, Twentytú is the perfect place to stay, as we are only a few minutes away from the concerts!

Bike around
When the weather gets warmer and sunnier, don’t you want to get on your bike and go cycling around? Well, you can do that too in Barcelona with our bike tours! But, hey, if you prefer to walk, you can also go on a free walking tour with us!

Delicious fruit juices at La Boqueria
You’ve been walking or cycling round and about the city centre for hours, it’s hot and you are tired and thirsty. Need a break? Go to La Boqueria market and get a fruit juice! They are quite cheap, tasty and refreshing. So pick your flavour and enjoy!

Relaxing beach
Maybe it’s not yet hot enough to really enjoy a swim in the sea, but here’s what you can do at the beach in Spring: get a cold drink and sit on the sand. Watch the people walk by, enjoy the sun and the breeze, chat with a couple of friends, read a book… Many things to do in Barcelona beach! If you stay in Twentytú, you can walk or cycle to Bogatell beach, a really beautiful place where you can hang out in beach bars and enjoy the good weather!

A terrace under the sun
Although terraces are great all year long, they are best in Spring, when it’s not too cold nor hot. When you don’t know what things to do in Barcelona, look for a terrace and have a cold drink. You will find terraces all over the city, in touristic and non-touristic areas. But, doubtlessly, you won’t be able to find anything as Twentytú’s chill-out terrace.

So now you know a couple of things to do in Barcelona in Spring. Enjoy!