As we told you a while ago on our Facebook page, Hostelworld users have chosen Twentytú Eco-hostel as the Best Green Hostel in the world! Today we want to explain what makes us so green and good. Keep reading!


Our building was constructed following the standards of energy efficiency. Everything is thought so that our hostel causes the least impact on environment. To learn more, check out this information on our Eco-hostel. But here are a few examples of what we are doing to be green:

– Water saving: we have a recovery system for grey water (from showers and basins) so that it can be used again in WC cisterns.

– Efficient lightning: we use LED technology and also motion detection systems, so that lights will turn off when nobody is in the room. We also use Smartwatt devices, which allow us to monitor real-time energy consumption.

– Hot water system: hot water both for climate control and domestic use is provided by Districlima all over 22@ District, our neighbourhood. The heat generated by an incinerating plant nearby is used to warm up water for many buildings in the area. So, we do not need energy to heat the water we use for showers or climate control!


Twentytú Eco-hostel has been the first building in Barcelona for hotel use to be awarded the highest energy efficiency classification: we have received an A Label in energy efficiency.

More recently we have been awarded the ISO 50001 certification, as we told you on this blog post. That means we are following the international standards to implement, maintain and continually improve our energy efficiency system.


Being efficient does not mean being more expensive or less comfortable. Not at all! Saving energy means:

  • Saving money! Who says eco is expensive? We save money with our efficiency systems, and that’s why our prices get to be really competitive!
  • Without reducing comfort! Design and comfort are equally important at Twentytú, so that you can feel at home… or even better! That’s why we offer cosy beds with reading lights, hot showers, a huge and nice common area where to meet other people, a cute chill-out terrace with amazing sights…
  • And promoting a green lifestyle among our guests! If you come and visit us, you will be reminded to recycle, have efficient showers, save energy… And you can even discover Barcelona with us in the greenest way: by bike!

So now you know why Twentytú Ecohostel is the best green hostel in the world!