Although in Barcelona we are not really into Saint Valentine’s Day, love is in the street! Today we talk about the most romantic streets in town, even if it is only by their lovely names!

  • Carrer dels Petons (Kisses Street)
    Carrer dels Petons is an narrow, dark alley located right in the city centre, in Ribera neighbourhood. It is a place with a lot of history… but the origin of its name is quite unclear. Here are the three versions of the story, you pick the one you like the best:
  1. According to official documents, around 1651 there was a Joan Pontons living on that street, but his neighbours would call him «Petons» (kisses in Catalan). So eventually the street was named after him (he must have been quite a popular guy). This is the official version by the city council.
  2. Being a narrow and dark street, it used to be a perfect place for clandestine lovers. Nothing else to say.
  3. Before it became a cul-de-sac, the street ended in a big terrace where prisoners were executed. Before facing up their tragic fate, they would say goodbye to their beloved ones right there, with hugs and… kisses.
  • Carrer dels Enamorats (Lovers Street)
    If you are in love, you might see something special about this street. The truth is that it is quite an ordinary place. But it is pretty close to Twentytú, and if you take a walk to Sagrada Família from the hostel, you will pass by.
  • Carrer de l’Amor (Love Street)
    It it neither especially beautiful, actually. But it is near one of the most romatic places in town: Horta Labyrinth. A magnificent garden from the 19th Century where you will love to get lost in good company.
  • Carrer de Venus (Venus Street)
    What is exceptional about the street with the goddess name? Well, it is in Gràcia. All over the area you will find hundreds of bars, terraces and restaurants and a lively atmosphere at any time. An ideal place to enjoy a romantic evening far away from the most touristic areas in Barcelona, such as Las Ramblas.