Coming to Barcelona with kids? If you are travelling with kids, you can also have a lot of fun in Barcelona. Today we tell you about some activities that kids will enjoy… and so will grown-ups!

Zoo de Barcelona

Barcelona’s Zoo, open for more that 120 years now, is one of the favourite places for kids in town. Besides seeing animals from all over the world, including rare or endangered species, they will see them in a reproduction of their natural habitat. Moreover, the zoo shelters a farm where kids can interact with many domestic animals and also a very entertaining show with aquatic animals.

Tibidabo Theme Park

Tibidabo’s amusement park does not have the most innovative or thrilling rides, but it has a special charm. Located on top of Collserola’s mountain, it offers a fantastic view of the city from the heights. Also, due to its perfect size (not too big, not too small), you will get to enjoy it without having to rush.

Barcelona Bosc Urbà

At Forum’s park, you will find this particular «urban forest»: a series of trails and more than 50 rides for adventure lovers, but also for children of any age. Zips, bungee jumping, vines… You can experience the thrill of extreme sports without leaving the city!

Font Màgica de Montjuïc

Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain is one of the traditional attractions in town. Every weekend it lights up to the sound of music, offering a very beautiful show to entertain the whole family.

Museu d’Idees i Invents de Barcelona (MIBA)

The Museum of Ideas and Inventions in Barcelona is a singular place: there you will find inventions that change lives, the most visionary or practical ideas, but also the most absurd inventions you can think of (a mop with a microphone on top, for instance).

Children’s Festival

During the Christmas season, you can take your kids to the Children’s Festival, which is held in the city from 27th December to 4th January. We guarantee you will have a lot of fun with games, concerts, activities, workshops…

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