Are you celebrating New Year’s in Barcelona? Here’s a perfect plan for Saint Sylvester’s Day, New Year’s Eve and the 1st of January. If you do everything we propose here, you won’t even have time to sleep!

Saint Sylvester: the man of the noses

Saint Sylvester’s Day (31st) is known in Catalunya as Dia de l’Home dels Nassos (The Man of the Noses’ Day): a man with as many noses as days left in the current year. He walks around the streets of Barcelona, hoping to be found by the kids in town… so that they realise he has as many noses as everyone: one!

That same day you can participate in La Cursa dels Nassos (The Noses Race), a 10 kilometres popular race through the city. So do not forget your trainers at home!

New Year’s Eve: the twelve grapes

In Catalunya, as in Spain, we see the year off with the traditional twelve bells, that are broadcasted by every TV channel in the country. For each bell that rings, one has to eat a grape until counting twelve, in order to have good luck during the year that begins. And you cannot miss the traditional toast with Catalan cava right after the bells.

Party in Plaza Espanya

This year, for the first time, Barcelona will become one of the cities that welcomes the New Year with a big party. In Maria Cristina Avenue and Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain, there will be a huge celebration with a visual musical show and fireworks that will be seen worldwide. And, of course, the twelve bells!

Two giant screens, a 15 metres tall figure that represents “the Millenium being” and a big explosion of fireworks will be the starts of the evening, though there will also be grapes and toasts.

After the party: the first swim of the year!

After the night party, the bravest welcome the New Year by swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in the morning. New Year’s swim has become a tradition at Barceloneta, and it gathers hundreds of people unafraid of low temperatures. And after the cold water there is a prize: a hot cup of soup!