Catalonia Day is almost here and we want you to know what you are going to find during this special occasion in Barcelona.

In a festive and protest contest next  September 11th is the day when the National Day of Catalonia, also known as the Diada Nacional de Catalunya  is celebrated, commemorating the the Succession War of 1714 when took place the Barcelona’s last defense after 14 months siege. Barcelona defeat against the Bourbon troops meant the loss of Catalan institutions and freedoms, as Felipe V’s victory introduced a uniform political system in almost all his domains, including Castile and Aragon Crowns.

Catalonia Day is a pretty special day to spend in Barcelona with the whole family because all the balconies are filled with Catalan flags and crowds of people stroll around the streets for celebrating the occasion.

Catalonia Day in 2013

However, this year will be especially representative because it will take place the ‘Catalan Way to Independence’, a 400 km human chain inspired in the Baltic countries as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which hosted an event  with the same purpose in 1989. The particularity is the chain will be held at 17:14 p.m remembering 1714, the year of the War of Succession. This is going to be the main event in this year’s Catalonia Day.