There are days in which anything goes. Everything around you can stay the same; however, nothing looks as usual. Suddenly a powerful strength captures you and you feel the need to leave behind all formalism and composure. It’s time to live spontaneity with arms wide open. This is the spirit of Holi festival, a popular Hindu celebration for welcoming spring.

Like any major festivity, Holi (Joli) has its history, which refers to the burning of Joliká. Its largest celebration takes place in India and lasts 16 days, a very special party that appeals to the masses and many tourists. Holi festival of colours Barcelona is about joy, burst of colors; it’s all for receiving spring in the best possible way. The party’s essence is throwing colors to each other as an expression of freedom and disinhibition. This contagious belief has moved to different countries in recent years and tomorrow arrives at Barcelona to burst into colors!

Are you coming to celebrate it?

Holi. Festival of Colors. 2012 from The Good Line on Vimeo.