«Sant Joan» festivity is one of the most celebrated nights of the year in the Catalan Countries. Not only because it is known as the Fire Night, Witches Night or even Blond Night, but because it is the shortest one of the year, just when the summer solstice begins.

Throwing firecrackers and other fireworks as well as meeting friends over the fire while enjoying a good piece of Coca’s cake, are some of the traditions that take part each 23rd of June.

At Twentytú we don’t want to miss any chance to have fun by your side. This is why next Sunday 23rd of June we will be more than happy to count on you at our flat roof party.

You will have the opportunity to take a drink and a piece of coca cake all along with music and the best views of Barcelona. All for just 3 euro! And those who don’t want a fleeting night we will take you to the beach where you will be able to continue the party as long as you want.

Go and get your ticket for the Catalan festivity of the year!