From Moby Dick’s island (Nantucket) excelled the idea of introducing a new concept of sandwich in Barcelona. This initiative has been woven over 20 years of experience at Hotel Management field, and has materialized in Carrot Café, the top sandwich restaurant at 22@ district. That’s a bit about what Xavier Uñó told us, with whom we spent a nice time around a lemon tea.

After 2 summers in Nantucket, Xavier found out the huge variety of breads with which could a sandwich be made of, and after that he went back to his hometown with a new project in the backpack that would eventually take on form over the years.

A Hotel Trade School´s student and fond of American culture, the creator of Carrot Café has quality as his main feature: «I get the best products for my restaurant. My point is that even if you come for coffee, it is a quality coffee. Everything must be on the same line and I don’t move from this line”.

Besides, we can highlight his products variety, as he uses 10 types of bread to make a wide range of sandwich combinations fruit of his creation, and also he has more than 40 imported beers, something unheard of in a sandwich bar.

Carrot Café is based on the 3 rule: it is divided in 3 spaces (one for a quick coffee, and the other two for lunch and dinner), the menu in 3 different specialties (bagels, foccacia and Maresme bread) and offers 3 types of lunch menus (executive, vegetarian and fast lunch).
But if variety is the spice of life that should always be combined with a friendly manner, at least that’s what Xavier thinks, and he proves it with his kindness and his willingness to satisfy customers.

With the same sincerity, the owner of this modern sandwich bar has admitted he is a dessert lover, which he makes from scratch at the restaurant, especially carrot cake and cheesecake, yes you get it, very American.

It is worth mentioning that, as its slogan says, Carrot Café is «much more than sandwiches» because it offers a personal and differential touch both in its design and culinary diversity.

Do you fancy coming and checking it out?