Some years ago the Swing Fever landed in Barcelona. In the dozens of schools and meetings that are organized throughout the city you can learn lindy hop, Charleston, Boggie Woggie or any other variety of this frenetic dance that emerged in the USA during the interwar period. Do you want to jump to the dance floor? We tell you where and when you can enjoy the best Swing in the city.

Barcelona, ​​where the Swing phenomenon began

In the late 1990s Swing was perceived as a very distant and old-fashioned dance in our town until Lluís Vila opened the first Swing school in Gràcia, called Balliball (now BallaSwing) in 1997. Many of the teachers who are teaching today in different Barcelona schools were his first students and those responsible for the passion for the Swing that spreads all over our streets, especially now that the good weather is coming.

According to David de la Fuente, president of the Association of BCNSwing, in Barcelona there is Swing over 359 days a year, with an average of 3.5 events at day and a community of 5,000 usual dancers who come every week to dance schools.

Where to dance Swing

Ballaswing, the Swing pioneers

We started talking about the school that imported Swing to our country: Ballaswing. The Swing pioneers in Barcelona have three schools in three different neighbourhoods; Gràcia (link), Sants and also in Poblenou, only 10 minutes away from Twentytú Hostel.

This Sunday is the first day of ‘Swingui Qui Vingui’ where you can dance on the rambla of Poblenou to the rhythm of the best Swing DJ’s. If the dance whets your appetite, you can also join the paella that is organized later in the restaurant of the cultural centre Casino l’Aliança.

Apolo: Jazz & Swing for all audiences

One Sunday a month the Apolo Club shows one’s best face to move to the southern United States of the early twentieth century. 80 years after its opening as a dance hall, Apolo hosts the Jazz & Swing, an event where the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra offers the music and dancers do their dance steps.

Don’t forget that the next date is March 26th and the only requirement that you must meet is to want to have fun!

Spank the Baby, ready for the dance parties

If you want to learn Swing in record time, you are just in time because Spank the baby begins their intensive courses of different dances, levels and figures of the Swing. Their dance parties are famous, like theirthe St Patrick’s Party edition with live dance exhibitions. or  ‘Grilled swing’ as we told you in our post about calçots in Barcelona.

If you can’t get enough with Swing lessons, remember they also offer Hip Hop, Capoeira or Salsa classes, among other disciplines.

Swing maniacs for beginners, leaders and followers

Swing Maniacs is a good place if you want to take your first steps in the Swing world. They have different schedules and different locations to choose the one that fits you best depending on whether you’re leader, a follower or a couple. In addition, they organize events for companies, activities for schools and private classes for parties, birthdays or celebrations.

If you are a beginner this Saturday you can go to one of his great parties for beginners where there will be a food contest –you must take your best recipe- and an intensive dance course to the winner.

Temple Swing: 10 years of rythm

In the Temple Swing it doesn’t matter if you have a dance partner or not, there all Swing lovers find their place; Balboa, Swing solo, Jazz steps … dances for all tastes in the heart of the city.

If you want to try just once or if you are only at the city for a few days, you can go to one of their Dance Party Sundays  dance party or to any of the events that they organize every week.

Remember that Swing doesn’t take holidays, so don’t lose the rhythm and check the upcoming events with Swing schools.