The Twentytú Hostel is the first Hostel in the world to have obtained the certification BIOSPHERE OF RESPONSIBLE TOURISM The Twentytú Hostel in Barcelona is the first tourist accomodation building of the city to have achieved the highest calification in energetic efficency and has already become an icon for new generation of sustainable hostels. Sustainability, applied to tourism, fully takes into account current and future, economic, social and enhanced manifestations to meet the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and communities.  
The United Nations have impulsed an initiative which englobes 17 Objectives of Sustainable Developement, in Twentytú Hostel Barcelona we carry out 15 out of these 17 objectives

End to poverty

We collaborate with the Barcelona Town Hall for the reception of refugee families, political exiles, social problems who we offer accommodation.

Education Quality

We organize technical visits for students to businesses located in the 22@ district who work in energetic efficency and movility.

Affordable and clean energy

The water for AC and toilets comes from water vapor energy from the Sant Adrià incinerator a few km away, avoiding gas consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Alliances to achieve the objectives

The Hostel collaborates with the City to City Barcelona FAD Award, which rewards the best solutions to complex urban situations within the Smart City 3.0 framework.

climate action

We contribute day by day to preserve the environment, through the use of renewable energy, the reduction of CO₂ emissions and the reduction of the use of plastics.

Zero Hunger

We donate all the food that has not been used in our events, activities and catering to the Parish of Sant Martí del Clot.

Gender Equality

The Twentytú Hostel team is formed by 8 women and 7 men. Since our beginnings we advocate for equally employment opportunities.

Decent work and economic growth

We have doubled the number of workers compared to the beginning of Twentytú, betting on the promotion of the base staff, to move up in category.

Sustainable cities and communities

We use technological systems and actions that make a sustainable community. Also we form part of the 22@ district, denominated Smart City 3.0

Submarine wildlife

Collaboration with the Sandemans Tours company in cleaning up the Barcelona beach to care for the natural habitat of marine animals.

Health and Wellness

We promote a healthy and healthy lifestyle by offering bicycle tours of the city to our guests and we organize sports activities.

clean water and sanitation

We process gray water from showers and bathrooms to use it in toilet tanks, saving the consumption of 470,000 liters of water per year.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The Hostel is designed to optimize the climatization of the rooms. The domotics control the temperature and electricity consumption.

Responsible consumption and production

Presence detection, intensity regulation and light timer in the rooms, efficient and responsible use of water and elimination of plastics.

Reduction of inequalities

We collaborate with IReS Foundation, dedicated to the commitment to families in vulnerable situations, providing job opportunities at the Hostel.




This award is given to hostels who participate in projects and ecofriendly practises, our Hostel won the first place award in 2014.

Best ecological initiative

Best ecological initiative

Winner in 2014 in the Green Accommodation Iniciative category which awards establishments that show initiative in sustainability matters.

Best Entrepreneurship in Responsible Tourism

Best Entrepreneurship in Responsible Tourism

International Responsible Tourism awards that acknowledge good practises in the tourism industry.

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