You can find a huge variety of landscapes in the villages and cities nearby to Barcelona: medieval villages, seaside towns, beautiful places in the countryside … Places full of contrasts, perfect for short breaks close to Barcelona during Easter holidays. If you haven’t decided your ideal destination yet, in this post we recommend you some options 😊

Short breaks to Sitges: seafaring tradition close to Barcelona

Don’t be surprised when you discover that Sitges is one of the favorite short break places for the citizens of Barcelona. Maybe it’s because of its picturesque old town, its dreamy beaches or its delicious gastronomy…But undoubtedly, Sitges is one of those places who make you feel in love since the very first second.

Short breaks close to Barcelona

Besides, if you like to party, you can’t miss its nightlife. Even though Sitges is famous for being a meeting point for the LGBTI collective, everybody is welcome to these circles. All this and much more is less than 40km from Twentytú!

Short breaks to Colonia Güell: the biggest modernist colony in Catalonia

If you are a fan of architecture, you probably know Antoni Gaudí and some of his most known artworks like La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia or Parc Güell. Nevertheless, not many people know about other works of the artist. Few of them are in the surroundings of Barcelona, like the Colonia Güell, “Gaudí’s best kept secret“. There you could find the crypt where Gaudí though up some of the innovations than later, he used for the design of La Sagrada Familia.

Short breaks Barcelona colonia güell

Beside this, you can visit the museum of the colony and every Saturday the local farmers organize a market where they sell their own products, which are 0-km and totally organic.

Short breaks to Besalú: a trip to the Medieval times

What if you could go back to the Medieval times in a bit less than an hour from Barcelona? Besalú is a place flood by tradition and history, where every corner has a story to tell. Rests of Roman civilizations, the Jewish quartier or an impressing Romanesque bridge are just some of the attraction of this little village.

Short breaks close to Barcelona Besalú

Besides, according to the legend, there is a monster who lives in Banyoles (a lake close to Besalú). They say that not even Carlgo Mago could capture such a ferocious creature. Do you dare to visit this lake?

Short breaks to Delta de l’Ebre: a paradise for bird lovers

Delta de l’Ebre is one of the biggest wetlands of the Mediterranean Sea. A place full of life where you could visit large and peaceful beaches, rice fields and a big variety of animal species, such as pink flamingos or exotic birds.

Luckily, the place hasn’t been overcrowded by tourists, so if you want to disconnect from the city and enjoy nature, Delta de l’Ebre is your place!

Short breaks to Montserrat: a spiritual refuge and a symbol of Catalonia

This mountain has become an iconic place of Barcelona not only because of its singular shape, but also for its history. Nowadays, Montserrat is a natural park and has a monastery (which still works) with a museum and a sanctuary. Here is where the famous virgin Mare de Déu de Montserrat, as known as the Moreneta, is.

Short breaks Barcelona Montserrat

Don’t miss the chance of enjoying the fantastic views from the monastery or discovering the fauna of the place, like goats or eagles. Montserrat is one of the short breaks close to Barcelona more accessible: you can get there by train, bus or car.

Short breaks to Camino de Ronda: excursions, sea and mountain

Located between Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Begur, this place is the paradise for all those who enjoy long walks with sea views. You can check all its routes on its website and choose yours (they go from basic level to “professional”). There’re even 2-days routes, and some accommodation establishments where you could spend the night.

Short breaks Barcelona cami ronda girona

Beautiful landscapes, beaches, cliffs… Camino de Ronda is a magic place!

Short breaks to Aigüestortes National Park: in the heart of the Pyrenees

Many tourists don’t believe it but yes, in Barcelona we do have snow (sometimes!). There’re different options for those who are looking for a snowed short break, but we recommend you the Aigüestortes National Park, and idyllic place which goes white from November to April, located in the heart of the Pyrenees. Waterfalls, cliffs, trekking routes and more than 200 ponds of all sizes and colors.

Short breaks Barcelona aigüestortes

The biggest pond of the park is l’Estany de Sant Maurici, a must if you visit Aigüestortes. You can get there by walk or in one of the 4×4 that go there every day and leave from nearby villages.