Saint George’s day, known as La Diada de Sant Jordi, in Catalan, is just around the corner, and with it, is the desire to soak up the city in red. It can be considered as the “love and culture” day in Catalonia, since there is no other day in which stories around the world and affection go out for a walk as one.

It is said that tradition never dies, and Sant Jordi is just one of the kind, the most beautiful and celebrated in Catalan region. Stands plenty of books and roses become the stars in a day in which literature and flowers become lover’s gifts and a symbol of their love.

We can say that, even though culture is widely spread, since it does not understand of gender or age, the rose, a flower known for its beauty, fragrance and color, is reserved for her.

But most of the rites, beyond being important for themselves, are renowned for all the history they contained. And in this case we find a lovely legend behind Saint George’s day. It is said that in a village called Montblanc lived a dragon that terrorized its inhabitants. When food became scarce for the beast, concerned about the situation the villagers decided to sacrifice a person every day in order to calm the dragon´s fury. They decided who the victim was going to be by doing a daily draw.

A few weeks later a stroke of bad luck led the young daughter of the king to be the ritual’s victim. But when everything was ready, a mysterious knight named St. George showed up to fight against the dragon and saved the princess. They say that, from the dragon’s blood grew the reddest of roses. Hence the origin of giving a rose and celebrate San George’s day. Regarding the book, its origins date back to 1995, when UNESCO declared April 23rd as the International Book and Copyright Day, in commemoration of some great writer’s death like Cervantes, Shakespeare and Josep Pla.