In August the summer heat doesn’t leave Barcelona, ​​so there’s nothing better than to take a dip. The beach is one of the major attractions of our city, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the sand, you have alternatives to spend the day in a relaxed atmosphere to cool yourself off. Today we’re going to revisit the best city pools’ routes for all tastes and all ages.

Torre de les aigües: the beach of the Eixample district

A large tower stands in the center of this beautiful pool in the middle of the modernist Eixample district. Moreover, instead of the usual grass, you’ll find a very comfortable fine sand to sunbathe like if you were on the beach. The pool has an acceptable size having in mind that is placed in the middle of the city and the entrance is very affordable: it costs only 1.55 euros. Besides, for 8.90 euros you have a credit for 10 tickets.

torre de les aigües Twentytu

Picornell pool:  feel olympic

Picornell swimming pools are located at Montjuïc park, famous for being one of the most memorable scenarios of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, and also for being the stage where the video for the suggestive song “Slow” by Kylie Minogue was filmed. The admission ticket costs 11.85 euros for adults, but you’ll also have access to the gym and the spa zones. Moreover, if you practice nudism, there are special schedules to practice it in the indoor pool.

Creueta del Coll Park: the Summer pond

This large pond, located in Gracia district, is transformed into a swimming pool during the summer to let you cool yourself off during the hot summer days. The pond is a part of the park which shares the same name. It wasopened in 1976, and it’s open from the sunrise  until sunset.. Although
it’s not a traditional pool, it also offers you all kind of services, such as showers, umbrellas and a sickroom for any emergency.  How much costs the entry? Just 2.25 euros!

creueta del coll Twentytu

Atlètic- Barceloneta Swimming Club: with a view to the Mediterranean

If you want to enjoy a swimming pool and a beach day, Atlètic-Barceloneta Swimming Club is your best choice. Birthplace of the Barcelona water polo team, ​​has enviable views ofthe Mediterranean Sea that you can enjoy even if you’re not a member of the club for just 12.90 euros.

Forum Baths: the sea pool

In the surroundings of Twentytú Hostel you can find this saltwater pool that, although it’s close to the sea and has an access by stairs built with cement. It’s a very quiet place, perfect to go with children because it provides facilities like showers, bathrooms and closets, and also a surveillance chair provided by the Red Cross.

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Esportiu Llobregat Park: Cool design

It’s one of the most modern swimming pools in Barcelona and was designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira. The pool is a part of the sports complex with the same name located in Cornellà, a town that is located just over 20 minutes from Barcelona by train. The admission fee is 5.20 euros and you can spend all day there (from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm).

We’re sure that suddenly you feel the urge to take a bath, so choose the pool that you prefer and jump in to it right in!