They may seem very common to you, but words like Miedo (fear), Mar (sea), Raul, África, Dalí or Yesterday are just some of the names given to the most successful swimsuits with an Olympic spirit.

Pretty cool, don´t you think so? You can have a glance of this pieces at the Museu Olímpic i de l´Esport, the Olympic museum of Barcelona, until September 1st.

At the exhibition you will get to know more about the golden age of the Spanish synchronized swimming team, so tied in with the evolution of the swimsuits used by swimmers to compete in the most important competitions that have taken place throughout the 21st century. To please, to get emotions, to impress, to have fun, to surprise… these have been the essences of the ornaments considered must-haves in order to compete in the highest ranked sport events.

The exposition showcases swimsuits from the last three editions of the Olympic Games, putting a special emphasis on the ornaments as a decisive element of the whole swimming routine. The girls of the synchronized swimming team have donated some of the most popular suits to give the public a chance to get to see them up close, and admire their colors, texture and see how they are being preserved.

We are talking about swimsuits that have accompanied their wearers to the path of success.