From today to 4th January, Plaza Catalunya is the scene of the Fair of Responsible Consumption and Social and Solidarity Economy. A sensible and solidary way of shopping these Christmas Holidays thanks to sustainable products and companies. Do you want to know what you’re going to find there? Keep reading!

The Commissioner of Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption of the Barcelona City Council, with the collaboration of several entities and companies, organises the Fair of Responsible Consumption and Social and Solidarity Economy during all the Christmas holidays.

En la Feria podrás encontrar aproximadamente 60 proyectos, iniciativas y compañías que buscan conseguir una economía justa que transforme la sociedad hacia un modelo socioeconómico más igualitario en el que todos tengan su lugar. Por eso, incentivan el comercio de proximidad, las tiendas de toda la vida y la actividad económica que no deslocalizada, uno de los valores que más defendemos en Twentytú.

In the responsible consumer fair you can find up to 60 projects, initiatives and companies that seek to achieve a fair economy that transforms society towards a more egalitarian socioeconomic model in which everybody has a place. For this reason, they encourage local commerce, the lifelong stores and economic activity that is not delocalised, one of the values we most defend in Twentytú.

There you can find everything; food, clothing, decoration elements, eco products, artisan costume jewellery, finances and ethical insurance, … everything you can imagine and more from a socially responsible perspective that, in addition, can help you solve your last Christmas purchases.

Remember that on 25th and 26th December and 1st January the Fair will remain closed for holiday. You can check the entire program here.

A place for reclection

In addition, the Fair will feature the Conscience Space, a place where more than 40 events for all audiences will be organised, such as tastings, book presentations, shows of different types and workshops on recycling and crafts.

In addition, this initiative will also hold a lot of educational activities focused on responsible consumption such as concerts, fashion shows and children’s shows that will take place on 23rd, 27th  and 29th December.

More Christmas in Plaza Catalunya

In addition to the Responsible Consumption Fair, the most emblematic square of the city will be the scene of many other activities to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Among the many attractions of this hot spot of the city you will find a giant Advent calendar that will show a surprise scene every day, the “street of nightmares” where everyone can draw what they want to keep away from their lives, sports workshops with Freestyle Football or Streetball Basket exhibitions or dance and theatre shows that will happen throughout all the holidays.

In addition, for the youngest ones, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th January some very special guests who have just arrived from the East will be waiting for the children in Plaza Catalunya; the royal pages of their three wise men will be collecting their letters.

And if you need more gift options that respect our environment, don’t miss our route through the most eco-friendly stores in Barcelona.

Merry Christmas!