Are you planning to go on holidays with your family in Barcelona?

If you want your family holidays to be an unforgettable experience at an affordable price, the best option is undoubtedly to stay in a family hostel.

Nowadays hostels have been updated, becoming one of the most popular and demanded options, as they have modern and comfortable facilities.

Family hostels offer excellent service at an affordable price.

Why stay in a hostel for families?

The answer is simple: “if your children are happy, the success of your vacation is assured”

Today’s family-friendly hostels are designed for children to enjoy their vacation. They provide quality features that will make them never forget the experience. 

Proximity to the beach and easy accessibility to public transportation are other factors that will enhance the quality of your stay and vacation. 

The best hostel for families is the one that makes you feel as if you were at home.

The best hostel for families

Besides feeling as if you were at home, a family hostel has to provide you with different and important services:

– Having comfortable rooms, with basic services guaranteed.

Modern kitchen and dining room, fully equipped, where you can enjoy a warm atmosphere.

Recreational spaces. Playrooms for young people and children, some lodges have specialized staff that offers fun proposals for the little ones.

Daytime activities. Bike rides or scheduled walks, for example. 

Evening shows: a program of activities and shows in different styles, to please all guests, such as salsa, live music, karaoke, etc. 

Terrace with great views.  At TwenyTú we’ve a big terrace where different activities take place. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing moment or share a pleasant conversation with other travelers, while contemplating the scenery.
At TwentyTú, you can enjoy all these amenities and services for you to enjoy a unique experience that has to be lived. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us