The scariest night of the year is here; Halloween night. On the 31st of October, also known as Halloween, its origins date back more than 3,000 years. Although it is currently one of the most important nights for Americans and Canadians, whose children go out into the streets dressed up as skeletons and ghosts to ask their neighbours for sweets with the famous phrase “trick or treat”, in Spain it did not arrive until years later.

On the same day, the 31st, La Castañada also takes place, this festivity is celebrated mainly in the autonomous community of Catalonia, in which chestnuts and panellets are the clear protagonists. 

Panellets are typical sweets, small balls of marzipan originally covered with pine nuts. Nowadays they can be made with almonds, chocolate and coconut, among other flavours, making them a fun activity for the youngest members of the family.

Although its origin comes from an ancient funeral feast linked to pagan cults, nowadays this celebration has become a joyful family gathering. An essential figure in this festivity is La Castañera, a character who makes chestnuts in a stall in the street and sells them with a newspaper cone to keep them warm. 

La Castañada and Halloween activities in Barcelona

Fancy dress party 

At La Teatreria Bcn there will be workshops to design costumes, make crafts with pumpkins and chestnuts during the whole week, from the 24th of October to the 1st of November. Perfect to entertain the children of the house.

Terrifying escape room

Aventurico escape room has 10 different themes to live mysterious adventures with the whole family. It will take place from 19 October to 1 November, are you in?

La Castañada and Halloween at TwentyTú

If you’re staying at TwentyTú Hostel, you won’t be left without a celebration during the last week of October. 

The hostel is going to turn into a terrifying scene set in Halloween, every corner decorated with pumpkins, ghosts and all kinds of details.

The TwentyTú team will be ready to welcome you in the most spooky way, and you won’t be left indifferent.

Don’t leave without your panellets, sweets and chestnuts, which we offer at the entrance of the hostel.