Today we tell you all about the best travel technology: useful mobile apps that travellers will adore!

Tired of looking like a boy scout when you travel? With so many city maps, travel guides, train timetables, a notebook, a compass, books on culture and heritage, a dictionary… enough of that! You can carry all that… on your mobile phone!

So here’s our list of the best mobile apps for backpackers and globetrotters, especially for those who come to Barcelona. The best travel technology… in your pocket!

Packing Pro: for many, packing the luggage and not forgetting anything is mission impossible. Until they discover this app!

Wifi finder: where can I go online for free? This app offers a geolocated map so that you can navigate anywhere.

TripSplitter: if you are travelling with friends, you will probably split expenses. But, who paid for dinner last night? And for metro tickets? Who owes money to whom? With this app, these problems are over!

Google Translate App: yes, Google Translate works. It’s a fact. And its app is really easy to use, so we recommend.

Google Maps: this one works too. Don’t get lost and forget about huge paper maps.

Catalunya the Real Experience: this app has been designed by Catalonia’s Tourism Bureau and it offers a very singular way of visiting the country: through augmented reality!

Barcelona Tourism official apps: Barcelona Tourism has designed some apps for all kinds of visitors. You will find anything you need!

Time Out Barcelona: Time Out Magazine’s app offers a different travel guide of Barcelona, more focused on culture, trends and alternative activities. Interesting!

Eltenedor: a good Spanish app if you are looking for nice and cheap restaurants, discounts, offers and best deals.

SitorSquat: for those who only use the best… toilets! That’s right: you will find an accurate list of the best toilets in town, and the worst, reviewed by other users.

And your weather app: each one of us has their own favourite weather app. There are thousands of them but which is objectively the best one? Honestly, we don’t know. Do you?

So here’s all the travel technology you need… on your phone!